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Millennium World School Bengaluru North, a school with a difference, is now in your own city of Bengaluru. One of the top CBSE schools in India, Millennium World School appreciates and nurtures the uniqueness of every child. Millennium World School Bengaluru Northis a world class CBSE school in Bengaluru with state-of the-art infrastructure, GPS enabled transport system, CCTV enabled and an air-conditioned campus. Safety and security of every child is of utmost importance in this school. The school offers a unique research-based curriculum with values integration at each level, skill-based activities, teaching learning strategies, exposure to real life practical situations through various projects. It also provides opportunities to each child to build, nurture and showcase her inherent potential through a huge variety of co-curricular activities. This opens doors of myriad possibilities and different career prospects for every child. The curriculum not only focuses on the intellectual growth but puts emphasis on making children responsible and sensitive citizens of the country. The well trained facilitators at the Millennium World School are passionate about their work and give attention to individual needs of children. Part of thebest k-12 chain of schools in India, Millennium World School has done extremely well in other parts of the country. With presence in over 40 cities across India in 2019, Millennium Group of Schools offer a global approach with their chain of k-12 Millennium World Schools. Their unique curriculum empowers the millennial students with the 21st century skills and enable them to be future-ready. This curriculum is based on intensive research work of more than 10 years which has bagged the school group and many schools under the brand several awards and accolades from national and international educational organisations of repute. This chain of schools has already impacted over 25000 millennial children across India in such a short span of time. This makes Millennium World School one of the top schools in India. Millennium World School stands on four most important pillars of learning. They understand that each child learns differently at different ages; each child has a unique way to learn; every subject has a special organised way of learning; and the importance of inculcating the 21st century skills to be able to enable children to become ready for the competitive and a changing world that lies ahead of them. The learning environment empowers children to think, question and explore the world. This is a school that looks beyond and understand the needs of a millennial child. With the technology and the world changing at a rapid pace, Millennium World School develops such skills in children that they will be able to keep pace with the changes and be successful. At Millennium World School, they believe in creating global citizens who are responsible and sensitive, smart and compassionate. Ranked in the top 10 CBSE schools in India, Millennium World School is the right choice for your millennial child. It ranks highest in the ‘best CBSE schools near me’. Choose Millennium World School for your child and give her the world of opportunities that await her.

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Millennium World School Bengaluru North

Millennium World School Bengaluru North

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