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J3S INSTITUTE aims at making all its students irrespective of age, class or profession fluent in English through constant practice of speaking English. The institute provides almost a Homely Environment that helps the learners feel free to share or express their views, feelings, opinions, arguments in English quite easily. Basic grammar lessons required for good speech are provided at a regular basis and are explained by Experienced Trainer(s) as well. These not only help a learner speak good English but also Correct English. J3S INSTITUTE believes Speaking Fluent English is Easier if it is Correctly Pronounced. So Pronunciation is taught to each and every learner individually through audio & (or) video by the trainer(s). J3S INSTITUTE goes to any extent including arranging classes conducted by foreign teachers round the year in order to ensure that each student belonging to the institute speaks English quite naturally. Hundreds of interesting, motivational, educative events are conducted to make the classes more and more interesting. Besides, Body Language and Personality Development of learners are always taken care of as both these play important roles behind Well-presentation of an English Speaker. Last but not the least, the Learner-friendly Study Materials including print outs, audio files or video files provided by the Institute make the trainees feel easy to speak English after only a few classes.
Your visit to J3s Institute is awaited, honoured & appreciated.

Thanks & regards,
Mr. Bapi Dey Sutradhar

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Admission to J3S INSTITUTE takes place round the year. In order to take admission the candidate may download the admission form from this site or collect it from the centre. The admission form has to be submitted to the institute after filling it up & a passport sized recent photo has to be pasted at the right hand top space. An amount of Rs. 1000 (One thousand rupees) is needed to be deposited at the time of the admission. After the admission each month the candidate has to pay Rs. 500 as the monthly fees.

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Recent Review

Subhasis Tewari
J3S INSTITUTE is a pride of West Bengal
J3S INSTITUTE is a pride of West Bengal. So many trainees from this institute are now working in reputed Multi National Companies. It's the only place in Bankura where one can learn to speak English with confidence.
Ramu raj
It is one of the best institutes for learning English at Bankura
It is one of the best institutes for learning English because I have learnt many things from the teachers of this institutes.so , if you wanna learn , you can contact
Mrinal Haldar
Perfect Spoken English School @ Bankura
I am very satisfied with J3S Institute Bankura. I found this is the best school for Personality Development also.

Santosh Gorai
Best Spoken English Institute
Best Spoken English Institute at Bankura, West Bengal - 722101
Grish Dubey
best institute for personality development
j3s institute is very good institute for personality development. they really help to build confidence and improve public speaking.
Swagata Mukherjee
The best coaching centre
I joined this institute just a week back only. But within these days this institute has motivated me so much. And our teacher is the best teacher...Thank you Bapi da. Thanks to J3S INSTITUTE for motivating me..I must develop my English speaking capability day by day. I hope one day I must be able to speak in English as fluently as a native speaker. Thanks a lot to all my fellow mates for their love and support.
the best institute in Bankura
I believe, it's the best institute in Bankura. Apart from learning to speak fluent English confidently, one can develop his/her personality too.
Chirag goswami
The best for me and everyone who want to learn easyly
It is the best instritute in my view. my spoken english is developed soo much in a very short time . Definitely it's credit goes to our honorable Sir Mr Bapi dey sutradhar.
Think you Sir , to give us this types of opportunity.
Sayantan Datta
If anyone required best career then should come this institute.
Best One In Bankura!
Its the best place in bankura to learn spoken english ..... Friendly atmosphere , proper guidance and various types of classes arr truly praiseworthy ......
awesome platform for everyones.
It is an extraordinary place to learn to speak English easily,smoothly & quickly. It gives an awesome platform to all sections of trainees for learning to speak fluent english with confidence and it also helps the students to develop personality.
Apurba Gorai
Awesome platform for everyones
J3S INSTITUTE is an awesome platform for learning to speak fluent english confidently and it also helps the students to develop personality.
Sonali Mukherjee

The best place to learn and speak English smoothly.
Achin Kundu
The best place to learn to speak English fluently in the shortest period of time.
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